Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lalaloopsy Doll Tippy Tumblelina - The Ballet Dancer

Cheap Price Lalaloopsy Doll Tippy Tumblelina

The beautiful best price Lalaloopsy Doll Tippy Tumblelina is a Ballet Dancer, and she has clothes made from a Ballerina's outfit, and as soon as the last stitch was sewn into her new clothes she seemed to magically come to life.

The set comes with the Tippy Tumblelina Doll, her wonderful toy Pet which is a White Swan, a promise certificate, a Collectible Poster of her and on the reverse side is a Picture of all the other Lalaloopsy Dolls in the collection.

Lalaloopsy Tippy Tumblelina is a very pretty doll with her bright Red Hair, and she has a Pink Tutu Skirt which was made from the real Ballerina's cast off clothes, and with matching Ballet Shoes and Pink Ribbons in her hair she thinks that she is actually a real Ballerina herself.

She loves to practice her Ballet steps, but because she is only just learning she always goes too fast, and occasionally falls off the Stage, but because she has articulated head, arms and legs she fortunately doesn't hurt herself!

As her limbs are articulated her clothes and shoes can be removed very easily, so she can also be dressed in any other clothes that are available separately in the Lalaloopsy Doll Fashion Packs.

Ballet Dancers have to spend lots of hours learning different movements, and it is very hard work, and Tippy Tumblelina's pet Swan is always with her, just in case they are ever asked to perform at a real Ballet Performance.

There is a large selection of all the different Lalaloopsy Dolls available at the lowest prices, plus a wonderful variety of Lalaloopsy toys and games for the Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls.

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